Some of you have asked how to fill out a voucher so here are some helpful hints:
·         It is a TIME CARD…therefore it is imperative that you fill out the DATE, TIME IN and TIME OUT.  The Time-In will be your call time unless you are late, then you put the actual time you got there.
·         We also need to know the meal time.  That’s important because you are off the clock and we don’t bill the client for meal time.
·         Print your name in the top right-hand corner and sign at the bottom right.  We need to know who turned theirs in.
·         The client’s name goes in the upper left.  We need to know which job this voucher is for.
·         We will get the Billing Address so if the client doesn’t fill that in, no worries.
·         Turn in a copy to us within 24 hours of the booking, please.  Dropping it off in the office or drop box out front is great.  Faxing or emailing works, too.  (Fax – 404-603-9456-no cover necessary.)
Thanks for you help with this.  Vouchers are very helpful in streamlining the billing process and that’s a win-win for us

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