Occasionally when we agents are rushing to get something out to you we inadvertently send out material that gives out the producer’s name/address/email/cell phone. It’s important to never NEVER send your materials out to them using this contact information. It is not only unprofessional but most of the time unwelcome, and it circumvents the job we do in this business.  We understand that as an actor you are, in many ways, responsible for your own marketing and that getting your name out to the people who book you is important, but it’s also important to go through the correct channels to do so.  You can be doing more bad than good for yourself (there’s a reason clients CHOOSE to work through an agency as opposed to booking directly) AND you can damage a relationship we’ve been working to build.  Please trust your agent to send requested materials over to the clients, as materials submitted without request are usually not well received and makes us (you AND the agency) look unprofessional.  If you would like an agent to contact a client on your behlaf please let them know and we can go through the right channels to do so.


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