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New Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website:

We will continue to post all new blogs on the new website blog page.

New Houghton Website


Get Taped! now offering VO and Teleprompter services

Brooke and I at Get Taped! have been upgrading our equipment. We can now record VOs for $10 a pop, and we’re super excited about offering a Teleprompter for $25/audition. This is in addition to our other services:

Auditions under 5 lines: $10

Auditions 5 lines or more: $20

Slates (aka the Talking Headshot): $75 through March 31st. Starting April 1 the price is going up to $90.

For a full list of services, please visit our website at Also, for actors that come to us often, we are known for discounting our services. We are full-time actors ourselves, and are sensitive to the financial strain multiple auditions can put on an actor.

Lastly, it is relevant to note that we give you up to 30min for your audition appointment (60min for Slates). We aim to make the actor feel very comfortable. We also are willing to do several takes, and give you the option to watch back your footage. Arguably, we are the best readers in town because we actually engage the actor in the scene. Actors who have used other services prefer us almost unanimously. However, our slots fill up very fast when breakdowns are released, so contact us ASAP when you know you’ll need to Get Taped!


Casting Call notice for Short Film “Retrograde”


UNION/NON UNION: Non-Union Production

TYPE: Independent


WRITTEN BY: Jim Tharpe


DIRECTOR’S: The Horne Brothers


LENGTH: Short Film Exerpt (15 minutes)



AUDITION LOCATION: 781 Wheeler St Studio 2

Atlanta, GA 30318


SHOOTING LOCATION: Atlanta / To Be Announced


*Auditions: Saturday, March 3, 2012 12:30–3PM

COMPENSATION: For principle roles only


*(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Call Backs: April 1st, 2012 6:00 – 10:00 PM


It’s the late 1970’s in Atlanta GA, a sociopathic Vietnam veteran with a passion for his band’s original music runs afoul of the local mob and resorts to wartime tactics to set things right so that he and his band will have chance of “making it.”





BEN White male late 20’s lead singer

L.A. JIM White male late 20, long curly black hair, plays the guitar in the band RETROGRADE

CW White male late 20’s. small skinny frame, with black medium length curly hair. Plays the drums.

CHRIS White Male late 20’s, looks like American Idol’s Bo Bice

TURK TAYLOR African American (Horn player shoots up heroin, thin wirily)

JAMAL African American (Horn player not in to drugs as much )
MARCIA White 28 Years Old, gorgeous blonde or red head, shoulder length-long hair (nurse by day)

SUNDAY White female, early 20’s, dark hair, great body, very beautiful



BOUNCER Big Black Muscular, A lot of mouth until Mr B, and gangsters come around

BARTENDER Black Male, Big in size

PAUL SALLY Black Male mid 30’s overweight



MR. B Big Italian with a no nonsense attitude, doesn’t believe in vampires with a foul mouth)

TONY Slick southernism Italian, medium to short, slight build business man who works for Mr. B

CRUSHER HUGE, Sidekick to Tony



KAT White early 20’s, voluptuous stripper

DIXIE Any Ethnicity 17 yrs old, hot young, beautiful innocent & sweet looking BUT quite the opposite

EUGENIA Any Ethnicity, short slender, can’t tell her age, could be a man or woman

YVONNE African American, likes entertainers, high maintenance has bad attitude

Please bring your head shot!!! For those who are not available for this casting call, but still want to audition and are available for the shooting dates, please send your head shot to the following email address for consideration…



Actors Wanted for Campus Movie Fest!

Team Leader: Soweto Bosia

Email: <>

Phone: 404-213-6965


Title: “An Ungodly Experience”

Genre: Comedy/Drama

A minister of a local church finds himself at a crossroad, he has converted to atheism. He wants his good friend and mentor Deacon Walker to accept him. His problems increase when he is confronted by a church member who wants him to pray for her sick son.


Shooting Dates (best guess): February 24th, 25th, 26th

Areas of Atlanta region you’re shooting in : Midtown and Buckhead


Principal Characters:


Terrance Hall: mid-30s is very neurotic, smart and is an avid reader. He loves to help people but feels like he’s living a lie by preaching to his church about God because he’s become an atheist.


Phillip Walker: mid-40s loves God and Christianity even though he doesn’t follow all of the teachings, especially the one about being faithful to his wife.  He is older than Terrance and has been his mentor and friend. He is very headstrong and has a temper.


Sharon Buckner: late 20s – early 30s is a single mother, her husband died while working the beat as a police officer. She is very strong but often looks for other people to help her when she is in need. She has a sick son so she’s been going through a rough part of her life.  She wants her son to get better but she knows deep down nothing can be done for him.


Tabitha Willis: 30’s – 40’s, God-fearing Christian. She’s a waitress that doesn’t mind giving her two cents.





Team Leader: Denny Wellman

Email: <>

Phone: 770-792-0890

Title: “Writer’s Block”

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Katrina is a struggling TV writer trying to come up with a spec script for a children’s program. Despite his best efforts, her laid-off husband Benjamin can’t calm her down so she can write.  Only the memories of an old childhood toy are able to get her out of her funk and so she can continue writing once more.


Shooting Dates (best guess): February 23, February 24, February 25, February 26

Areas of Atlanta region you’re shooting in: Kennesaw, Marietta
Principal Characters:

Katrina Dalton: African-American woman age 45-53.  Katrina is a semi-professional Scriptwriter for the local TV station but she hasn’t had a really well paying assignment for months.  Her husband Benjamin has just lost his job due to his employer’s downsizing.  Katrina fears that she won’t be able to carry her weight financially and that she and Bill won’t be able to retire. She also worries that they will have to depend on the support of their daughter Candice, a recent college graduate, and this could prevent Candice from having a fully independent life on her own.


Benjamin Dalton:  African-American man age 50-55.  A Network Engineer, Bill was recently laid off.  Whenever Katrina loses her grip and begins to stress out, Benjamin does his best to take the pressure off of his wife and put it all on his back, even at the risk of breaking down himself. He is the provider and protector of the two most important women in his life (Katrina and Candice) and will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe and sane. Sometimes he becomes too chivalrous, but Benjamin is a true family man with his heart in the right place.





Team Leader: Devin Carter

Email: <>

Phone: 678-670-3325


Title: “All for Some Kicks”

Genre: comedy/action

Synopsis:  The story is about Joel who is tricked to get a pair of shoes for his sick brother.  Joel meets an abundance of characters throughout the story that try getting the shoes from him since he received the last pair. Joel goes through many trials to get the shoes to his brother whom he later finds out is faking his illness, so Joel keeps the shoes for himself.


Principal Characters:

Joel: A young man who is charming and charismatic and still has a youthful innocence about himself.  Age 15-16  no taller than 6 feet.  A carefree, individual, innocent high school student, he’s very loyal to his big brother.


Bill: A skinny old teenager dirt bag, age 17-19, who is selfish, conniving and thinks only about himself.  He has bad posture.

A deceptive individual, Bill uses others to get what he wants and doesn’t care about them.  He gets what he wants by any means necessary


Melissa:  A pretty young high school seductress, age 17-19, who will do whatever it takes to get the shoes for one of her boyfriends.  She uses what she has to get whatever she wants or needs.



Our STUDENTS invite you to be in their SHORT FILMS, COMMERCIALS and PSAs!

We’ll be delighted if you – or actors you know – will consider appearing in these films. Thank you to everyone who’s auditioned with us in the past. Our students can’t make their films without you!



When: Thursday, February 2, 2012                          Time:   6:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: The Art Institute of Atlanta, 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE, Atlanta 30328

Room: 460B – please come sign in here



Please email Jessica Muhammad at <>

— Use ACTORS WANTED as Subject of email

— INCLUDE your first and second choices for times. We schedule actors in 30-minute blocks.

— Please provide the following in your email:

Age Range


If you do Voice-Overs

If you are a member of SAG and/or AFTRA

Your audition confirmation will include a SPECIFIC time.  Audition times are first come, first serve.
If you have a last minute change of plans, please email OR call Fran Burst at 404-524-9756.


NOTE TO PARENTS: We love your kids but this casting session is for Age 14 and up.
* Please email your child’s headshot, resume and key info (above) so students can contact you if they do have kid-roles.  THANK you so much for your ongoing support of our young directors.



* Please bring your HEADSHOT and RESUME (at least 2 copies of each)

* Prepare 2 short MONOLOGUES (a dramatic and a comedy) for your audition.

* Sides will not be provided, but some student directors may have scripts to discuss with you.
If you can’t come to Auditions but would like to be considered for students’ film, please email us your headshot, resume and other key info noted above.
If you are coming to Audition, please don’t attach your headshot and resume to the email but be sure to bring them to the Audition


Although actors will not be paid, each actor who appears in a student film will receive a master-quality video of project(s) in which he/she appears.


Parking is free at The Art Institute, but if you arrive before 8pm, please get a parking pass from receptionist in 1st floor Gallery. Put the pass on your car, follow the signs and come upstairs. If you arrive after 8pm, see if receptionist is still in gallery – if not, you don’t need a pass.


The Art Institute of Atlanta, 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Building 100, Atlanta, GA 30328DIRECTIONS:

I would like to extend a very big Thank You! for taking an interest in our student films!


Atlanta unifieds coming up

Unified auditions will be held on Monday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 3 from 10am until 6pm at the Marcus Jewish Community Center (MJCCA) in Dunwoody.  contact info:


CL Casting Seeks teens/early 20’s for next week – EXTRA WORK

Be on set of Neighborhood Watch for Halloween or another night next week! CL Casting is currently looking for 18-21 year olds to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week. (Yes, you must be 18!) =).

*Please note all of these are night shoots*

18-21 Year Olds to be in a party scene that works on Halloween and Nov 1st: All Ethnicities! You just have to be in the 18-21 age range to be considered. Please note, you must be available both nights for this particular shoot. If you want to work Nov 2nd, and 3rd as well, just let us know!

Couples (18-21 Year Olds): Must be willing to kiss each other on camera. Works October 31 and Nov 1.

18-20 Year Olds to be football fans – All ethnicities! Works Nov 2 and Nov 3rd. You just have to be in the 18-21 age range to be considered.

18-20 Year Old Fans – Females and Males, willing to have face paint on.

18-20 Year Old Fans – Males, willing to wear painted letters on their chests to a football game to show their team spirit!

Once you decide that you are interested, available, and what we are looking for, the next thing to do is submit yourself for review. This is done by an email submission.
First, add a subject line:
Days you are available/ Your Age/ Ethnicity/ Your Gender/Your Height/ Your Weight/ then additional info (From Above)
Here’s everything broken down:
Available Days: Monday = M, Tuesday = T, Wednesday = W, Thursday = TH (remember if you want to work Monday/Tuesday, YOU MUST be available both nights)
Next add your Age (Actual age not age range)
Your Ethnicity: C-Caucasion, AA-African American, A-Asian, H-Hispanic, I-Indian, O-Other
Your Gender: M-Male F-Female
Your Height: Please be accurate.
Your Weight: Please be accurate.
Last thing – add your specifics or Additional Information. Here’s how to tell us quickly if you have some of the specifics we were looking for.
If you are one of the 18-21 year old girls we are looking for please add this at the end depending on which one you fit
If you are interested in the party scene (Shoots Oct 31 and Nov 1 – must be avail both nights) Put PARTY
If you are interested in being a kissing couple (Shoots Oct 31 and Nov 1 – must be available both nights) Put KISS
If you are interested in the football scene (Shoots Nov 2 and Nov 3rd ) Put GAME
If you are interested in going to the football scene and getting your face painted Put FACE
If you are interested in being a team spirit male with your chest painted (Shoots Nov 2 and Nov 3rd) Put PAINT

Kelly the extra!
Kelly is available all days and she is a 18 year-old caucasian female that is 5’1 and 105 pounds. She is interested in going to the party scene with her boyfriend. (She is also submitting photos of him). Her subject line would look like this:
M, T, W, TH/18/C/F/5’1/105/PARTY/KISS

Johnny the extra!
Johnny is available ONLY Wednesday and Thursday. He is a 19 year old African American Male. He is 5’11 and 180. Now Johnny, he has a lot of team spirit and he wants to be one of the guys that gets a letter painted on his chest. His subject line would look like this:
W, TH, 19/AA/M/5’11/180/GAME/PAINT

Now that the subject line is entered, you can move on to the body of the email.

You can write whatever you want to us, but make sure you list the following (again).
Age, Height, Weight, Contact Information.

Attach Three Pictures – The more the better.
We request a minimum of three with at least one close-up of your face and and one full body picture, but if you get a little carried away and send more than three, we love it! The photos should be clear. We prefer that you be the only one in the picture, but understand it’s not always possible. They do not have to be professional. We like snapshots that catch the REAL you.

Step 5. SEND IT
Please send all submissions to Double check that your subject line is correct and you have all the information in the body of e-mail.

That’s it!! We will give you a call if we need you! Oh, and if you haven’t liked us on FACEBOOK yet you should probably do so CL CASTING

Catrett Locke Casting
Jamie Lynn & Rose
Ash, Kelli, Seanie