We here at Houghton Talent believe that the best way to represent you is to find every way possible to keep you up to date with what we’re doing and to have our lines of communication as wide open as possible.  While we are not always available when you come in this does not mean that we shouldn’t make all the possible information available to you.  This blog is being used to help us achieve this goal.  Inside you will find useful information including audition tips, feedback from clients, vital information on correct procedures on set and when to expect payments, notifications of workshops and classes, dates and specials for photographers, and much much more!  Please put us in your bookmarks and check back often for news and answers to your questions and know that this is just another small way we are trying to keep the opportunities coming your way!

If you would like to know more about our agency please visit us at www.houghtontalent.com

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