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    yourACT Acting Studios Atlanta

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade.  With it, it becomes creation.”


Bette Davis


Ongoing Classes

On-Camera & Voice-Over


MONDAYS – Film/TV Audition

Taught by Bob Harter with Julie Still & B. Todd Johnston





Strengthen your skills and explore your creativity with other experienced actors. Film and TV has definitely come to Georgia! This means our audition skills have to be sharp and ready to go for those last minute castings. Cold reading is a skill every actor should have. In this class, we’ll work on different styles of reads each night, so whether it’s dramatic or comedic–episodic, sitcom or feature film, you can go in the room with confidence. Don’t fear that last minute script. Have fun and enjoy your audition.



THURSDAYS – Voice-Over Master Class

Taught by Debra Nelson



This on-going voiceover workout will keep you ready for any type of copy, from high-energy auto sales to those tough medical reads.

Great for anyone who wants to keep their skills polished and sharp.

Must have VO demo on agent’s website, or completed an Intermediate level VO class. Class limited to 12.





Standup Comedy
with Josh Harris


Ever dreamed of sending huge crowds into fits of laughter, having killer stage presence, and knowing what it takes to make money being funny? Now’s your chance! 

Nationally acclaimed comedian Josh Harris from NBC’s Stand Up for Diversity, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes, and Dave FM’s Atlanta’s Funniest Person Finalist shows you how to “find your funny” in this 8-week stand-up comedy class!




Total Memorization
Taught by B. Todd Johnston


Actors have to memorize lines. It’s part of our job. Do you dread this task? Are you mystified by the process and wish you knew a better way?

This workshop gives you specific tools that make memorizing fun and exciting. You will improve your cold read skills, develop your acting instincts, and increase your confidence in auditions.



Haber Film/TV Audition Intensive
Taught by Della Cole


This Intensive course is designed for trained actors who have some audition experience.


As professional actors, we often audition and work on projects that don’t necessarily challenge the full spectrum of our talents. You may be comfortable with industrials, commercials, and voice-over but fall apart when you audition for a film. With the increase of film and television coming to Georgia, now more than ever, Atlanta talent needs to be ready for Hollywood auditions.

In this Intensive, using the “Haber Audition Technique”, actors work with film and television scripts, learning how to nail the audition in a limited amount of time. The focus is on the nuts and bolts of breaking down a scene, including relationship, intention, history, opening and closing beats, core and masking. Using the skills you learn will greatly improve your audition skills. This valuable cold-reading technique works.





Hypnosis and NLP Workshop for Actors
With Leigh Ann Ledbetter and Tony Kyprios



A playful experiential workshop designed by and presented by US based hypnotist Leigh Ann Ledbetter and Australian hypnotist and Master NLP practitioner and trainer Tony Kyprios that includes hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) specifically tailored for actors.

Experience a new slant on techniques and tools that are designed to empower and shift personal limitations while expanding possibilities and potential. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about creating desired outcomes in an intimate small group setting.





Scott Hilley Medical Fund Benefit

At The Sketchworks Theatre



You’ve heard him as The Reverend on Cartoon Network’s “Squidbillies” and he’s voiced hundreds of commercials. You’ve seen him on stage and screen. 

Now the talented Scott Hilley needs your help. He’s been recovering from a stroke he had last year and has been having additional medical issues. Well, the bills are mounting up. We’d like to give him a hand – more than mere applause. We need to help Scott regain his health and vibrancy.

Your generosity will allow him to do just that. Let’s get Scott back on track, so he can continue to entertain us with Bugs, Yosemite Sam, and Porky, and make us all laugh our derrieres off.


Sunday, August 18

2:00 pm
Sketchworks Comedy Theatre

This star-studded party features Laughing Matters and Dan Thurmon. The many special guests include Gwen Hughes, Rob Cleveland, Melanie Frady, Barry Stoltze & Scott Hilley!

There will be raffle prizes and a silent auction as well!


Get tickets – $25.


Make Donation Instead

If you are unable to attend the benefit party, please consider making a donation instead – or as well


If you are unable to attend the benefit party, please consider making a donation instead – or as well!

Our Mission

Create, Connect, Commit


We are serving the community providing excellent acting classes for adults, kids & teens,and producing & presenting quality multimedia showcases.


We are creating the right environment to connect people’s dreams with reality— communicating with humor, honesty, and commitment.




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