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We’ve found this blog is the perfect forum to make market information, ticket sales, photographer specials available to not just our talent but anyone who might be interested. Thanks for your continued support –

In 2012 we’re using the blog to serve actors in a different way–getting feedback from producers, directors and casting directors on various topics.  This way the people who make hiring decisions can tell you in their own words what they really think.  We’re covering one topic each month and posting client comments/opinions.  We hope you will use this insight to take control where you can.





  • all the wardrobe choices are the same (3 black shirts)
  • name brand logos – please bring clothes without logos. If I’m doing a video about fitness, I don’t want the close up shot to say “Nike” or “Sketchers”


Wardrobe spec for extras was business attire, dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, suits, One woman showed up and her only shoes were UGG boots. 🙂


Talent wardrobe is only a problem for me with low budget clients or on indie films. A wardrobe person shopping and purchasing clothing is never in the budget, but somehow I always have to send a PA out to buy stuff anyway. Would it kill the talent to check their clothing for stains, tears, and missing buttons before they show up? How does the girl who had the awesome pink angora sweater, perfect for the shot and her skin color, except for the giant stain on her breast, not notice it? It looked like she dipped that thing in her morning coffee. Then there are “the dudes” who show up with all their clothing crammed into an overnight bag. Wrinkles for days. And usually, those are the guys who bring everything from their closet except what you asked them to bring, or even better, they have shoes, but one black and one brown. This to me is actually worse than being late. It takes a lot longer for me to press your clothing or to shop for what you didn’t bring after you said you owned it. In the end, it seems to always cost me more money or time – of which I have neither to spare. So talent, check your clothing to make sure it will hold up under harsh lights – no stains on the front OR the back, make sure the edges of your clothing aren’t frayed, and please make sure you bring matching shoes and socks. Don’t tell the producer or client you have something when you don’t. And finally, make sure the clothing walks in the door ready to wear. Bringing your rumbled laundry is unprofessional.



IN GENERAL: When auditioning for film and television do NOT dress in “full costume” unless specifically requested. Dressing to suggest a character is the way to go. For example, if you’re a business man, then come dressed in business attire. If you’re playing a ballerina, don’t come dressed in a tutu. Instead, choose a leotard or tank top and form fitting yoga pants and pull your hair back. Suggest the role. This isn’t Halloween.

However, with commercial auditions, there is more flexibility to go further with costuming but still dressing to suggest works just as well.

SIDE NOTE: Ladies, don’t dress too revealing . You don’t want casting (or directors) to refer to you as the ‘chick with the bazookas” or “Miss Cleavage 2012” – unless you are auditioning for the role of Miss Cleavage 2012. If that’s the case, let the girls do their thing,

TIP: Sometimes with last minute auditions, you don’t have time to change so always keep a neutral audition outfit in your car.

HORROR STORY: And finally when you are asked to bring wardrobe options for a shoot, make sure those clothes are clean and pressed and that you bring at least 3 options. If you don’t have 3 options, make sure to let them know ahead of time so they can pick up backups. I’ll always remember the time an actor was asked to bring a business suit for a print job he was booked on, He showed up in jeans and tee shirt. When asked where his wardrobe was, he grabbed his duffel bag and pulled out a wrinkled tan suit. It was the only option he brought. It was a nightmare for all involved. At the end of the job the client said, “Don’t ever send me that person ever again“.


in general I have had good luck in asking talent for “suits” and dress-up stuff, the casual stuff is a little more difficult and I presume it’s because my tastes (or the client’s) may not be the same as theirs. So, I find if I’m really specific: “Dark Blue jeans, not faded out, no holes or frays” or “button-up-the-front open collar shirt, not western” etc. then the talent usually has what I need.



True Story:  I was casting a SAG commercial and the actors were reading for reporters. One talent (who knows who he is!) showed up in a T-shirt and ripped jeans. Not only did he not look like a professional reporter, but the casual clothes made him look younger.
The actor did a great read and the director and ad agency loved him, but they knew they couldn’t sell him to the client based on his appearance. They even tried putting his head on another talent’s body via photoshop (the other talent was wearing a shirt, tie and khakis) but it didn’t quite work and we couldn’t alter the video.
Ultimately, this talent lost the job based on his wardrobe and the talent wearing the shirt and tie booked.
Now I am not saying to come all decked out in a costume, but at least look the part somewhat. Remember – in commercial world – the client usually makes the end decision and they only see what is right in front of them (they don’t have the creative vision of the director).


My comment would be to actors to bring a lot of choices. This actor we just used showed up with only 4 shirts that were all the same type. They were all wrinkled too. I don’t mind ironing but every actor seems to show up with wrinkled clothes. If the producer says bring a bunch of options for a “customer” role, please bring all sorts of different types of clothes – casual, business, conservative, different colors. Many options to choose from. A group of “customers” we just hired all brought green. Everyone was in green! And it’s wasn’t St Patrick’s Day.


True story:  Casting for hair product and asking for long flowing hair.

Girl shows up with hair all done up and sprayed. Said—you gonna need to take your hair down and brush it out so the client can see it better.

“My agent didn’t tell me to bring a brush”…….


This drives photographers crazy! The worst thing in the world is trying to shoot some clothing photo shoot and when you start looking at the shots, you begin noticing the marks left on the skin from whatever tight, elastic garments the model was wearing on the way to the photo shoot. At times, this can take an hour or more to go away leaving the photographer with limited choices. 1. Cancel the shoot and reschedule or 2. Decide how many hours of retouching that will have to be done so the shoot can continue but you can’t charge the client for. I would remind the models to be aware of what they’re going to model, any wardrobe changes that may be needed, and come with a clean canvas (their body). One of the things they forget most are the sunglasses they wore while driving in… Yes, the nose counts and those little red marks left from the glasses can be very detrimental as well.


Spring Industry Events/Calendar Announcements

Greetings! Winter officially ends this week, and with recent weather it seems that Spring is upon us. So, take a break to enjoy some flicks, see a play, listen to music.

Be sure to take time out to enjoy a few things around town!

Over the past few years I have sent occasional eblasts, sharing good news and information about happenings I wanted to plug. Of course, if you don’t wish to receive these e-mails from me, feel free to reply back or use the subscriptions link at the end of this message.

Watch Films – in festivals, theatres, and at special events!
* The 36th ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL – this Friday, March 23rd! Don’t miss the Opening Night film and party: L!fe Happens A great assortment of films…to name just a few: Comedy Shorts 2 (includes My Good Fortune) Animated Shorts 3 (includes A Short Film About Money) AKA Blondie w/King of Pops Pig

Two Free events (need tickets to attend):

Current TV: Vanguard Presents Two Americas and The 99 Percent (FREE) HBO & XFINITY presents: Game of Thrones

You’ve heard the buzz from Sundance and SXSW…be sure and catch V/H/S

Also, all-new to the fest:

The Goat Farm: Experimental Films, a Bunch of Live Music & Video Art Exhibits

There’s the revamped panel series (TRACKS) CINformation 2012

Cirlce around and finish the fest on March 31st with the Closing Night film and party: The Cabin in the Woods More info: Atlanta Film Festival 2012 Schedule and Buy Tickets!

* The Spring Emory Cinematheque on Wednesdays: March 21: “Raging Bull”

(Martin Scorsese; Chartoff-Winkler/United Artists, 1980),March 28: “Black Narcissus” (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger; The Archers, 1947), April 4: “Leave Her to Heaven” (John M. Stahl; 20th Century Fox, 1945), April 11: “The Conformist” (Bernardo Bertolucci, Paramount Films of Italy, 1970), April 18: “Personal Velocity: Three Portraits” (Rebecca Miller; IFC/M-G-M, 2002) and April 25: “Out of Sight” (Steven Soderbergh; Universal, 1998). Emory Cinematheque

* Catch these GA-lensed films in theatres, with some ATL names in front of and behind the camera:

AMERICAN REUNION – Opens April 6th! American Reunion (filmed in Atlanta, Conyers, Covington, Cumming and Monroe, GA)

GOOD DEEDS Opened Feb 26th and still in theatres! Good Deeds(filmed in Atlanta, GA)

WANDERLUST – Opened Feb. 24th and still in theatres! Wanderlust(filmed in Atlanta, Clarkesville, Lawrenceville and Monroe, GA, along with locations in NY)

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING – Opens May 11th! What to Expect (filmed in Atlanta and South Africa)

* And, special event!

CARL – GA-lensed film written and directed by Greg Daniel, will have a theatrical release RED CARPET event on April 29th at the Aurora Cineplex in Roswell, GA. RED CARPET event starts at 6:00PM and show time is 6:45PM. Tix: CARL Screening Info: Carl – The Feature Film

Turn on the TV, set the DVR, even watch series on-line….and catch a few ATL folks on the small screen and also behind the scenes:
* VAMPIRE DIARIES – Tune in to see Atlanta talent at work in front of and behind the camera on Thursdays at 8e/7c on the CW. Missed a few episodes? Watch on-line: Vampire Diaries * THE WALKING DEAD – This GA-lensed series is back with a vengence! Tune in TONIGHT for the Season 2 finale at 9e/8c on AMC. The Walking Dead

* Lensed in nearby Charleston, ARMY WIVES kicked off Season 6 this month! Be sure and watch for familiar ATL faces. Sundays at 9e/8c on LIFETIME. More info: Army Wives

* Lensed in nearby Wilmington, ONE TREE HILL -has a few remaining new episodes. Keep your eyes peeled for familiar ATL faces now and then. Wednesdays at 8pm ET. One Tree Hill

* ATLANTA SHORTS – On PBA 30 Atlanta’s PBS Station. Saturday following the “Movie of the Week” & Sunday at midnight. New episodes coming March 31st!

Atlanta Shorts Atlanta Shorts Facebook Page

* OSIRIS – an action-thriller web series. Written and directed by Donnie Leapheart. Starring Brad James, Nicky Buggs and Stephen Caudill. Osiris

* BECKY AND BARRY – web series; follow the lives of…actors! Directed by Jay D Zimmerman. Starring Brooke Jaye Taylor and Matt Cornwell as actors Becky and Barry Thompson. More info: Becky and Barry Watch on-line: Becky and Barry on-line

* AVENGERS ASSEMBLE THE SERIES – check out this GA-lensed parody web series featuring Earth’s mightiest heroes as they tackle their greatest problems, from Health Care reform to getting out of the friend zone! Avengers Assemble The Series

Enjoy theatre, comedy and more live events:
* “The Wrath of Con” has been extended through March 30th! Written by Jon Carr, Linnea Frye, Z. Gillispie, and Ed Morgan. Directed by Dan Triandiflou. The Wrath of Con at Dads Garage* “The Motherf**ker with the Hat” by Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed by Freddie Ashley. Now through April 14th at Actors Express. Info and tix: Actors Express

* Ghost Brothers of Darkland County”Opens April 4th and runs through May 13th at the Alliance Theater. Music and Lyrics by John Mellencamp; Book by Stephen King; Directed by Susan Booth and Musical Direction by T Bone Burnett. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Special shout-outs to Gwen Hughes, Lori Beth Edgeman and Royce Mann!

* “Same Time Next Year”Now through April 8th at Stage Door Players. By Bernard Slade and directed by Tess Malis Kincaid. Details: Stage Door Players

* For a comprehensive listing of Atlanta shows and ticket information (including AtlanTIX!), check out Atlanta Performs

* 76th Annual Dogwood FestivalApril 20th through 22nd – Piedmont Park. Dogwood Festival

* 41st Inman Park Spring Festival and Tour of HomesApril 27th through 29th – Inman Park. Inman Park Festival

For my friends who are in the film community, AND even those who are not!:
* Atlanta Film Festival – Are you a member? Need to renew? The festival is happening this week and members get discounts! Check out membership levels and festival passes: Atlanta Fim Festival Membership
* Georgia Production Partnership – Learn more about how you can get involved in GPP and the film industry! See the newly revamped website! GPP * Women in Film and Television Atlanta– Learn more about WIFTA and how you can get involved. WIFTA

* Get Connected – a Networking Mixer. Next event is Thurs, March 29th Casino Month! More Info: Get Connected

Be in the know:
* CinemATL – New stories and reviews: CinemaATL* OZ Magazine – GA Film & Video Sourcebook and more! OZ Magazine

* I Am Entertainment – on-line & print versions – Film, TV, Music and Performing Arts I Am Entertainment

* Stomp and Stammer – Georgia Film News: Stomp and Stammer

Support Local Businesses and Charitable Organizations:
* Congrats to my friend Roy, on his new book, “Acting for a Living: How to Act Outside Hollywood – Become an Actor; Work in Film, TV & Video; Make it Your Career”.You can find more info about his book and buy your copy: Acting For a Living *A shout-out for my friend Polly, whose Kindle book, “Scarlet Aces” will be coming out in hard copy very soon! Scarlet Acres

* It’s spring-cleaning time – consider supporting the charitable organization, Never Enough Shoes. A great way to recycle your gently worn shoes.: Never Enough Shoes


Best wishes for a fantastic Springtime in the ATL!!! If you read this far…congrats, and that’s a wrap!


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Proverbs 3: 5-6


Did you ever send an email/text/tweet or left a voice mail that you just wish you could take back?

Did you ever send an email/text/tweet or left a voice mail that you just wish you could take back? Well, now’s your chance to tell us all about it.

  • · REALITY SHOW – about embarrassing, funny, or even painful mistakes you made when you hit “send” to the wrong person.
  • · AUDITION: 3/20/12 if chosen
  • · SHOOTS: 4/6/12 in Atlanta
  • · RATE: $1000 less 15% commission if chosen to audition on camera

Email me ( your story in 100 words or less and we’ll let you know if the casting director wants to see you. THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL SHOULD BE “OH NO”. Be sure to include your contact info. Feel free to share this invite with friends and family.

Please don’t email to tell me you don’t have a story that you can share. I care but I’m afraid my server will be jammed!

No calls please


Megan Dougherty new special through April 6, 2012. Take $25 off either one of her most popular headshot packages, the basic or deluxe…


Get Taped! now offering VO and Teleprompter services

Brooke and I at Get Taped! have been upgrading our equipment. We can now record VOs for $10 a pop, and we’re super excited about offering a Teleprompter for $25/audition. This is in addition to our other services:

Auditions under 5 lines: $10

Auditions 5 lines or more: $20

Slates (aka the Talking Headshot): $75 through March 31st. Starting April 1 the price is going up to $90.

For a full list of services, please visit our website at Also, for actors that come to us often, we are known for discounting our services. We are full-time actors ourselves, and are sensitive to the financial strain multiple auditions can put on an actor.

Lastly, it is relevant to note that we give you up to 30min for your audition appointment (60min for Slates). We aim to make the actor feel very comfortable. We also are willing to do several takes, and give you the option to watch back your footage. Arguably, we are the best readers in town because we actually engage the actor in the scene. Actors who have used other services prefer us almost unanimously. However, our slots fill up very fast when breakdowns are released, so contact us ASAP when you know you’ll need to Get Taped!


Headshots by Elizabeth Hingley

Hello fellow artists!

If you’re in need of headshots, look no more!

I am happy to take phone or in-person consultations to discuss your goals and help prepare you for a great shoot.  Pricing listed below.


I look forward to working with you!


Elizabeth Keener




Adult Headshots $275

-2/3 looks

-DVD with all images

-One color corrected image for printing


Kids Headshots $215 (17 and under)

-2/3 looks

-DVD with all images

-One color corrected image for printing


***Additional corrected images are $25.00 each

***Hair and Makeup artist available upon request



Georgia Ensemble Theatre
It’s the Final Week of GET’s Hit Comedy, The Foreigner!
What’r you waitin’ for?
Call ‘n git yer tickets today!!!!

Call 770-641-1260
or go online to

GET logo

Remaining shows:
Thursday at 8pm
Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 4pm & 8pm
Sunday at 2:30pm
Don’t miss the hilarious comedy by Larry Shue, THE FOREIGNER, at the Georgia Ensemble Theatre. Closing March 11th.

Pictured above: Nita Hardy & Hugh Adams. Photo by Stephanie Slusser.
Tracy Vaden Moore & Bryan Mercer. Photo by Stephanie Slusser.
About the Show
Charlie’s shyness renders him helpless in conversation – so when a friend covers for him by telling the other guests in a rural Georgia fishing lodge that he is an exotic foreigner and speaks no English, Charlie ends up hearing more – MUCH more – than he should – and the hilarity begins!

Tickets range from $23 to $33, with Student & Senior discounts available for all performances.

Thanks to Our Season Sponsors!

Georgia Ensemble Theatre is the Official Resident Professional Theatre Company at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forrest St., Roswell, GA 30075

Ring of Fire
The Johnny Cash Musical Show

April 12-29

Sponsored by

We’re gonna raise the roof with this barn-burner of a musical that celebrates the songs of an American legend, The Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash. This thrilling show is an extraordinary theatrical event that will add to GET’s rich history of high energy, sold-out, foot-stomping musicals!

Tickets are selling fast! Reserve your seats now at
or by calling 770-641-1260.
Also Playing Around Metro Atlanta:

Coming Soon from our friends at Stage Door Players in Dunwoody

Twenty-five years of manners and morals are hilariously and touchingly played out in one of the most popular romantic comedies ever written about a love affair between Doris and George, who although married to other people, rendezvous once a year.
Call 770-396-1726 for tickets.
For more information, visit the SDP website at