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 yourACT alum Faye McQueen to appear in Superbowl Commercial! 

 yourACT has a NEW website!





Haber Film/TV Audition Intensive

Taught by Della Cole
This Intensive course is designed for trained actors who have some audition experience.

As professional actors, we often audition and work on projects that don’t necessarily challenge the full spectrum of our talents. You may be comfortable with industrials, commercials, and voice-over but fall apart when you audition for a film. With the increase of film and television coming to Georgia, now more than ever, Atlanta talent needs to be ready for Hollywood auditions.

In this Intensive, using the “Haber Audition Technique”, actors work with film and television scripts, learning how to nail the audition in a limited amount of time. The focus is on the nuts and bolts of breaking down a scene, including relationship, intention, history, opening and closing beats, core and masking. Using the skills you learn will greatly improve your audition skills. This valuable cold-reading technique works.





with Voice-Over AGENT SALLY NEAL

of Houghton Talent
Sally Neal, voiceover agent of Houghton Talent has this to say: “A voice is just a voice until you add personality and a true understanding of what you are saying and why…  It’s the reason producers will choose one voice over another.”

Break down the copy you are given. Look at it from the producer’s and writer’s point of view. Figure out who the target audience is. Determine why your style/voice has been asked to audition the copy. Then deliver the script in the most effective way to promote interest in the product. If you do it, you will book the jobs!

Come and learn this important information!


ONE DAY ONLY, 1-3pm, Saturday, February 11 –  Only $99!

Limited to 15 (or time will be extended)

Call 404-499-9996 OR register online.


  yourACT Superstar

Faye McQueen

Tackles the Superbowl!  

From Faye:

I will appear in a Superbowl commercial which is a promo for “America’s Got Talent” with Howard Stern. I play an NBC Executive.
Also, I recently appeared on the new daytime show, “The Revolution” as myself, representing women in their fifties speaking on breast health dated January 18th.

[Editor’s note:  And that’s not all!]


I was also upgraded from an extra to a prinipal in the latest “Bourne” film entitled “Bourne Legacy”? to be releasesd later this year. I play a TSA agent beside Rachel Weitz and Ed Norton.


All of this is possible beacuse of the jump start in my acting training that I received from Della Cole and Bob Harter at yourACT Acting Studios. I moved back to NY and within a year I became SAG and AFTRA. Thanks for the love, hard knocks and most of all, “The Truth” about acting.

Love you guys!


Faye Yvette McQueen
Actress, Dancer and Model




Many, many thanks to Stephen Caudill who worked tirelessly to produce the all-NEW yourACT website!!



Take some time to surf the new site and check it out.  There is a  section called “The Buzz” where you will find quotes from Talent (maybe even YOU if you answered our recent survey) and from Industry Pros about their experiences at yourACT.


Missed the Survey?  That’s OK.  There is a link there to send us an email with your quote and headshot.  We’ll be rotating out the quotes from time, so if you sent one in for the survey and don’t see it there, don’t despair.  Eventually we’ll get around to you.


One example:


On par with my New York and California training.  And with so much laughter! I highly recommend yourACT – 100% professional- they know what they’re doing.
Mary K Shaw


We were absolutely blown away by the tremendous response and the wonderful things you had to say.  It makes what we do here all worthwhile.  A heartfelt thank you to ALL of you!

Make the Most of Your Auditions

With Shira Sandler

During this 6 week course, you will learn how to strengthen your auditions and further your career as an actor. You will work on TV and film sides from past and presently shooting productions as well as cold reads. Working Casting professional, Shira Sandler, will give you personal feedback and answer all of your questions on auditioning, the business of acting, and what Casting Directors really think. Each class will be broken into two segments: working on your feet and questions/discussion.


Shira Sandler has amassed many professional credits in theatre, film and TV casting over the past seven years. This was a natural progression from her total immersion in acting and the performing arts since she was a small child. A graduate of Bard College, Shira received her B.A. in Theatre.

While living in New York City, she worked with such casting offices as: The Manhattan Theatre Club (on and off Broadway productions), ABC Primetime Television, Nickelodeon, Grant Wilfley Casting and Ellen Chenoweth. She has also assisted and led the casting on numerous independent films and shorts.
Beyond casting, Shira has managed high profile talent on both the East and West Coasts.

Upon moving to Atlanta over a year ago, Ms. Sandler joined Fincannon and Associates as a Casting Associate.  Her many projects have included Joyful Noise, Drop Dead Diva, Necessary Roughness, The Goats, and GI JOE 2. She looks forward to her upcoming seasons work on Drop Dead Diva and Necessary Roughness, as well as the many other projects that will soon begin production in Atlanta.




This 6-week workshop is dedicated to producing a professionally edited 60 second Voice-Over demo, suitable to upload to your agent’s website, mail to production companies, or to submit by email as an MP3.

This comprehensive Voice-Over workshop is led by Grammy winning producer and engineer, Matt Still.


Matt is a Grammy winning producer & engineer with over 20 years of experience. He is a life-long musician who started studying classical piano at the age of four and could read music before he could read a book.

Along with working in the music industry, Matt also lends his talents to the world of post-production. He has recorded and mixed over a thousand radio and TV commercials throughout his career. Clients like Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, Cartoon Network, and The Georgia Lottery have all raved about Matt’s work.

He’s even been known to step behind the microphone as a voiceover talent.






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