Blueprint Acting Studio


Blueprint Acting Studio

    Where We Lay the Groundwork

Winter 2012
Technique 1

The Journey Begins  

Our Price: $ 280
8 Week Class
Robert John Conner, Instructor
Space is Limited
Beginning Feb. 11, 2012
Scene 1

The Anatomy of a Scene


Our Price: $320
10 Week Class

Robert John Conner, Instructor
Space is Limited
Beginning Feb. 6, 2012
Pilot Season Boot Camp

2 Day Scene Study Intensive 

Studio Members: $300

Non-Studio Members: $360
Marishka S. Phillips, Instructor
Space is Limited
Sat., 3/3/2012 12-7 pm
Sun., 3/4/2012 1-7 pm
Blueprint Acting Studio is a premier acting academy and studio for Adults, Teens and Kids. It is the educational custom blueprint roadmap to a successfull acting career for new actors or experienced actors. Blueprint 4 Hollywood offers professional training in Film & Television, marketing for actors, getting signed with an agent, to navigating Red Carpet and press events.
What is Youth Acting?

This class is designed for kid/teen actors of all levels. Each Saturday, you will continue to exercise your acting muscles by exploring the fundamentals of acting for film, television and commercials, slating for the camera, preparing the right monologue for auditions, scene study, creating a character as well as improvisation, acting in the moment all while you work out the skills needed to get the part! You will work as at team with other kids/teens who share the same passion for acting as you. You will also have the opportunity to showcase your work to your friends, family, and industry professionals during our quarterly live presentation.
$250 for 8 Weeks
2012 Film and Television Acting Overnight Camp (Ages 8-16)

July 9-16, 2012
At this overnight camp, young actors wake up as though they were in Hollywood. No matter where they are coming  from this will be a camp experience to remember forever! It will feel like they are on a real SET the entire week  Not only will campers be acting in our short film, Professional Instructors will also cover; Acting & Improvisation, Fundamentals of acting, Scene Study and Rehearsal Techniques, Key Slating and Interviewing Tips, Auditioning & Cold Reading Techniques, working on Commercials, Creative Play and Team Building skills, just to name a few. If that wasn’t enough, your child will be positively encouraged throughout the camp to build their confidence, communicate their ideas more effectively, connect with others who share the same passion, and oh yeah- HAVE FUN!
This 7 day overnight Camp will be held at the beautiful Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn, GA. Please see our behind the scenes footage from the 2011 Actors Camp.
Sharon Tomlinson
Blueprint 4 Hollywood


Save 20%
Offer Expires: February 5, 2011


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