january interviews w/ sharon chatten

“I began studying with Sharon back in the mid-eighties, in her loft in New York. Her teaching had, and continues to have a passion and intensity that, at times, frightens me, but in a good way. Sharon’s genuine love and concern for her students, the craft of acting, and for script analysis has always touched and inspired me. Sharon has an insatiable curiosity, and is a true humanitarian. I’m proud to be one of her students, as well as one of her friends.”
Marg Helgenberger, Actor
“Sharon is an incredible teacher. I started with her over 25 years ago and keep coming back. Her work is all based on truth and process and not result, but the result is getting to a place that is specific, interesting and alive. I love her!”
Ben Stiller, Actor/Director/Writer/Producer
“Known and worked with Sharon for years. Great detailed audition prep and really good at breaking down script before shooting. Energetic, soulful and detailed work.”
Keri Russell, Actor
“I was lucky enough to find Sharon at a bit of a creative crossroads in my life and career. I had been working in Los Angeles for over a decade and, like many of us, I had gotten complacent. I was bored, I was uninspired, I was in a rut. This all changed the minute I began to work with Sharon. She was having none of this. Through her passion and intensity and with her take no prisoners attitude, I went to places I didn’t know I was capable of. Words and phrases such as “no” or “I can’t” were no longer tolerated and with this new found attitude my work (and life) began to open up again.

For anyone who is looking to go beyond themselves and to be truly challenged, they would be wise to pay Sharon a visit.”
Scott Speedman, Actor
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“I’m forever grateful for the day I met and began working with Sharon Chatten. I work with Sharon on everything that I can, it’s become part of my process. She is a true artist, gifted at script analysis, character development and teaching. Working with her keeps me disciplined, specific, grounded in technique and always artful in my work.”
Kim Dickens, Actor
“I was a student of Sharon Chatten for many years through my 20′s and have continued to seek advice from her all these years later.
Sharon was the first person I trusted when it came to performance. Before meeting her, I never took anyone’s opinion of my acting or anyone else’s acting seriously. I studied at the American Stanislavski School of Acting before studying with Sharon. There, I learned a lot about the history of acting and different forms of acting, but sort of did my own thing when I was on stage. It wasn’t until I studied with Sharon that I understood what was missing in my performance, what was missing when it came to telling a story.
I know this might sound a bit dramatic, but I hung on her every word when she would speak in class. For the first time in my life, I went home from class feeling like I had to do the things she was teaching justice. I still feel the same so many years later.
I can say without hesitation that I am the actor I am because of what Sharon Chatten taught me and how she inspired me. No doubt in my mind. I know she still continues to inspire my peers. I have thanked her over and over but it can never be enough.”
Vincent D’Onofrio, Actor/Director/Writer/Producer
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