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Combo Writers/Actors Show! 


This is Edgar Allen Poe.  He was not a funny writer in the slightest.  And as you can see, he took terrible headshots.


But you don’t have to be like Edgar, quoth the Sketchworks nevermore.  We have a class where you will not only write sketch comedy, you’ll get up onstage and perform it. 


Sessions start Oct 3, but it’s limited to 10 people.  Sign up now at the Sketchworks site


It’s taught by Jen Kelley, who ironically is quite fond of ravens.

Are you a true Sketchworks fan?  Toaster, please!  If you haven’t “Liked” the Sketchworks Facebook Fan Page, you’re seething hatred of us is all too evident.
What better way to show your friends how stupid Sketchworks is than to show them our videos? 

Sketchworks YouTube Channel

Just Two Shows?  What is This, Some Kind of Comedy Drive-by? 


Sketchworks Comedy Theater Atlanta

The answer is yes.  Aren’t you familiar with the Sketchworks slogan, “We Crank it Out”?  That means we’ve got to slap you upside the head with the comedy so we can move on to other things.


Brian Bremer’s Master Class Showcase is Aug 26 and 27 ONLY at the Sketchworks Theatre.  Come see our up and coming new actors take the stage by storm.  It will be significantly funnier than staying home and watching hurricane Irene on the Weather Channel.


Tickets, info and direction are waiting for you at the Sketchworks site.  Bring friends or Muammar Gadhafi if you can find him. 

Sketchworks Backstage comedy podcast Atlanta


Did you know that Sketchworks has its own podcast and radio show?


Well of course you didn’t, you’re not our mother.  But it’s true.  Every single week, Sketchworks’ Cris Gray, Brian Troxell and Casey Holloway hang out backstage and riff on pop culture and current events.  Listen once and you’ll be hooked. 


Sketchworks Backstage is also heard on the air on the mighty WROD-AM, Daytona Beach.  That’s right, Sketchworks is spreading outside of the ATL like a virus.  Go to the Sketchworks Backstage site to listen.

Save the Whales…I Mean Date!


The next all-new Sketchworks main stage show “Going Ape Skit” premieres Sept 23 and runs Fridays and Saturdays through Oct 22.  If you miss it, you will despise yourself.


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