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Promotion Edwin Navas and Melissa Ewing, of Peachtree and 5th Prods. are coming to class on Tues July 19th, as your special guest speakers.  We applaud the recent success of their short film, The Promotion, which was in the short film program at the prestigious 2011 Cannes Film Festival.  They are making Atlanta look good!

This is a special, invited guests only event.  Because they are interested in the actors in our class, and seeing you work, this event is ONLY for those of you in Audition Technique (Tues night or Thursday day classes).  For those actors, you may all attend BOTH classes next week – the Guest Panel on Tues night and the Audition Technique class on Thursday, 12-2p.

If you have been through second level of marketing- Developing Your Marketing Campaign- this is a good time to bring your package, or your letter, with headshot/resume.  If you have not gotten through this level, please bring just your headshot/resume. (There are two of them, so please address each one individually, with their own letter and headshot)

Have your materials ready, be in your seats and ready to go BY 7:30p. DO NOT COME LATE.  If you do not have your headshots, resumes, or they are not stapled, please do not try to present those materials, or fix it here at the office.  It does not look professional, or represent us well.  You can write down their address when they give it, and mail it at a later date.  Check out their website to be informed before you meet them.      http://www.peachtreeand5th.com

There is a chance the director will be coming as well. This is a very exciting opportunity to learn from the people on the other side of your audition.  They will give you the insight into why they make casting decisions, and how to make a strong impact with your small amount of time in the room.  They have more films slated for production.  We are getting a rare chance to make a connection with them now, and get on their short list. When they need actors, we want them to know where to turn!  We will be ready, and make a strong, professional, welcoming impression.

If all goes well, I will be asking them to come to the Cold Reading classes next. So stay tuned!

If you are not in this class but have been through Cold Reading and want to come back in, this week (July 19th) starts the next 6 week cycle.  It does count for our Bring A Friend For Free special.  Call the office to sign up, or sign up on line.  And bring your headshots!


Also, we are having a week of MAKE UP CLASSES for Audition Technique and On Going Marketing.  Please mark your calendars!  Tues Aug 23 7:30p is a make up class for Audition Technique.  Thursday Aug 25 is a make up class for Audition Technique 12-2, and On Going Marketing 7:30p.  Thanks so much!  See you Tues July 19th—




Kristen Shaw
Blueprint 4 Hollywood


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