Crystal Carson – Acting for Film/Television Workshops

Crystal Carson

Acting for Film/Television Workshops

Wednesday, July 13 – 5-9:30pm –  “Thought Support” – limited to 14 students – $104

The Thought Support Technique is an exercise that strengthens the muscles you need to act with the sides in your hand, so that you don’t have to waste your valuable prep time memorizing. Thought Support allows you to know the lines “by heart,” while still having a safety net.  Memorizing makes most actors susceptible to getting locked into a delivery, and/or causes actors to worry throughout the audition that they might forget their lines. The lines are the last thing that you should be worried about. It is far more important to be connected to the other person — fighting, for your needs, and changing your behavior in accordance with what you see them doing.  The “Thought Support” exercise capitalizes even further on the idea that a scene can be a high-stakes conversation, complete with objective, obstacles, relationship and environment… even when the you don’t know your lines.

Thursday, July 14 – 5-9pm – “Practical Application” – open to ALL tv/film actors – $104 ($78 if also taking the weekend intensive)

The greatest actors in tv/film all have some sort of process they follow when creating a character. Using your instincts isn’t enough!  This workshop takes actors through the steps of breaking down and analyzing the script to create the most 3-dimensional character possible. Wanna break out of the “under 5” category to book a meaty, guest-starring role….or better?!  This class will give you the tools you need to develop a career in lead and supporting roles.

Fri, July 15 – (3-8p) and Sat/Sun July 16-17 (10-5p)/- “Audition for TV/Film 3-day Intensive” – $360

“Auditioning by Heart” – This is Crystal’s “famous” weekend workshop!!!  Actors are put on tape every day and thoroughly critiqued.  Crystal offers insight rarely found in acting classes – she is able to “see” what part of your preparation needs more attention, if your performance is inappropriate for the genre, where you are truly strong, what choices you made that are weaker than other choices, and more!  This workshop gives you the tools to apply to your next audition so that you’re always improving. You will leave this workshop on a acting high!  You’ll know exactly where you need to focus your attention in order to develop a successful career in tv/film.

For more about Crystal, please visit www.crystalcarson.com

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