Moore Casting in TN offers workshops

The Advanced Audition Workshop (Hosted by Alan Dysert)
Held at Moore Casting

DATE: November 6th, 2010 (Hosted by Alan Dysert)
TIME: 9:00AM to 4:00PM
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
PRICE: $125.00

The workshop will consist of one on one instruction, focusing on commercials, film scripts and the importance of improv in relationship to the audition process.

This will not be a workshop offered monthly and is generally only offered once or twice per year.

Actors that have inquired about the class will be considered first.
Please fill out the form below to sign up or contact Regina Moore.
Please fill out the form on the website (moorecasting.com) to sign up or

DATE: Saturday November 20th , 2010
FOR: Ages 13 to 25
TIME: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
COST: $105.00
Those that attended the last workshop will be interested to know she will be doing some different techniques that were not covered in the May workshop. You May Want To Attend.

(Those not this age that feel they fit student criteria may submit a request to attend the workshop. Send headshot and resume to moorecasting@comcast.net with “Professional Young Actor” in the title of your email.)

Student Criteria:
All students attending this workshop must consider themselves a “serious and professional” actor. This means you are very interested in doing some form of acting as a profession or as a major in college. (Forms of acting include TV, Film, Commercial, Theatre, Musical Theatre.) This workshop is ideal for the actor who is interested in exploring more than one acting market.

Workshop info:
This workshop is for the actor who wants to take their game to another level. Whether that be getting listed with an agent in a different state, picking some form of acting as a major in college, moving to a bigger market, or turning a hobby into a career, this class is for the “go-getter”. We will work on scene study and several techniques to dissect a scene. Everyone will be given a monologue to perform and will be critiqued. We will discuss set etiquette as well as audition technique and prep. And of course, acting business which includes everything from the right headshot for the right job to acting unions to networking. Lunch is from 12pm-1pm. You may leave and come back or bring your lunch. Please bring a headshot and resume to the workshop.

Teacher: Cali Moore

Cali Elizabeth Moore is a professional actress in New York City. She has appeared in a number of films and television shows including “30 Rock”, “Ugly Betty”, “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”, and “Sex and the City 2”. Cali is a full services actress pursuing Film, TV, Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Commercial work. She has been acting since she was a child and has worked in every major market. She is providing this class to impart information to the young actors with a significant interest in acting.

If you are interested fill out the registration form on the web site; moorecasting.com, and submit
Please fill out the form with as much detail and accuracy as possible. If there is an area that does not apply to you, you do NOT need to enter any information in that field. Thank you. RM


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