Voice-over Class with Mike Ray starts Sept 2 @ The Actors Scene

Have you heard, “You have a great voice, you should do commercials!” or you thought it would be really cool to be a Voice Actor.

You may have a great voice and being a Voice Actor is really cool. However having a great voice is like having an expensive 5 speed BMW. It’s nice, but will do you no good until you learn how to drive a stick/manual transmission.

If you’ve ever wanted to be the voice everyone hears on TV and radio commercials,  documentary and audio book narrations, now is your chance to move toward an exciting new adventure.

This fun, informative, and empowering class will teach you the basics of the voiceover industry. In this class you and your instructor will discuss the many different types of voiceovers and what it takes to get started as a voice actor. You will be coached, evaluated, and have an opportunity to create a professional Voice Over demo (optional).
In this introductory class you will learn what it takes to become a part of this fun and exciting industry. Be ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired by comedian turned Actor and Voice Artist, Mike Ray. 

In this six week course you spend the first 3 weeks in class at The Actor’s Scene Studio and the last 3 weeks in Mike Ray’s voice-over studio actually recording and learning how your voice sounds on the microphones. During the six weeks, the class will cover the following:

*  Voice Over Techniques

*  The All Important Demo

*  Should You Join the Union?

*  Home Recording Studios

*  Different Types of Voice-Over Work

*  Marketing

*  Capturing Your Audience

*  Analyzing a Script

*  Methods for Effective Delivery

*  Audition Etiquette

*  Accents In Voiceover

*  Character Voices

*  Microphone Techniques

*  Getting Ready For The Gig

And Much More…

6 Week Class Sept 2-Oct 14th (no class Oct 7)

Ages 8-11                 5:30pm-7pm
Ages 12-adult          7pm-9pm

Only 12 Spots Available so Register Now!

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