“Acting as Casting Director “

Workshop Wednesday, August 4th
C&J Casting Charlotte Office
5:30 PM – 10:00 pm (dinner included)
Age 16 and up

This commercial audition workshop focuses on the actor learning audition skills and techniques THROUGH THE EYES OF THE CLIENT/DIRECTOR/CASTING DIRECTOR

YOU, the actor,
will take on the roles of Client, Director and Casting Director

YOU, the actor,
will ‘audition’ other actors with sides from various spots

YOU, the actor,
will also take on the role of Actor, auditioning for the other ‘Clients/Directors/Casting Directors

At C&J we have had the privilege of watching thousands of auditions and seeing what audition skills work, and which ones don’t. We also have had the benefit of speaking with the client, the producers, the ad agency, and the director so that we know what they are looking for in terms of a performance. This workshop shares this information with you, the actor, so that you may audition with a renewed understanding and clarity of what is expected from you.

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