Karen Storms Acting Studio Orlando Weekend Seminar July 24th & 25th

Karen Storms Acting Studio Orlando Weekend Seminar July 24th & 25th

“When I saw the kind of teaching that goes on in this place (the Storms Acting Studio) I knew my children had to study here.”   A former teacher of the Strasberg method at the Actors’ Studio

Karen will be teaching some of the beneficial unique techniques she teaches actors in Hollywood that improve their callback and booking potential.  With Georgia and now Florida offering incentive money that has attracted Transformers 3, and with additional productions coming to both states, actors attending this seminar will learn some very valuable acting tools which will improve their auditions.  L-A talent agents and managers recommend her exclusively to coach their actors.

“When I went to the Storms Acting seminar in Orlando last year, I had had acting classes, but nobody came close to the dynamic duo of Karen and Michael. They really boosted my confidence. They told me what I had right and helped me improve on techniques where I had not had enough experience. It felt real good to know that I had someone with years of talent training backing me when I auditioned for well-known casting directors and producers in New York and LA.”   Dalton – teen actor

Seminar Schedule

Saturday and Sunday, July 24th & 25th

9:00 AM – Noon   Young Actors     7 – 11 years old

   1:00 – 4:00 PM      Teens/Adults     12 years old & up

Price for the entire weekend – ONLY $150.00

Seating is limited so REGISTER NOW at: www.stormsacting.com/holidayworkshops.html

35 Karen Storms Acting Studio actors booked

67 projects in four months.




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