Imagine Your Daughter Empowered, Making Great Choices and Winning Through Adolescence!

Imagine Your Daughter Empowered, Making Great Choices and
Winning Through Adolescence!

Be among the first 10,000 people in the USA to take advantage of our complimentary daily Atlanta Girl newsletter and begin to position your 9 to 17 year-old daughter or a friend’s daughter for true empowerment that allows her to make better choices, talk less about boys, learn to manage money, be safe and smart online, build self-esteem, pick the right college, be more centered, balanced, eat better, all the fashion and beauty guidance she can handle.  Plus a lot more.
If you’re already interested, sign up now at our new website atlantagirlmagazine.comand please join us in our exquisite rise to prominence by sending this email to everyone on your email list to help us reach our goal of over 10,000 subscribers by June 30, 2010. (The Atlanta Girl print magazine launches in September 2010)
It sounds like we’re promising a lot and we are.  However, we know
how to deliver.  We KNOW our system works where others don’t.  We have experts on board that believe in empowering girls and their commitment is solid.

We created the Atlanta Girl “Daily Goodsip” and magazine to inspire and encourage actions that help your daughter realize her importance overall and increase her self-worth and feelings of significance in her community and family.

Not only that, but we show her how to be proud about making a positive

difference, and spread “GoodSip” not “Gossip.” (Sometimes we

even incentivize/reward great actions taken!). 

We are also developing a section on Atlanta Girl magazine website that will allow Moms to have the resources, products and services they need. We will teach you to understand and decipher text acronyms and protect your child online.  For this reason, make sure we have the email addresses for both you and your daughter.

Sign up at atlantagirlmagazine.com right now for the Daily Goodsip Bulletin, an informational daily about pre-teen and teen empowerment, fashion, contests and fun.
Whatcha waiting for? Go now to atlantagirlmagazine.com, and don’t forget we need your help to send it to everyone on your email list to reach our goal of over 10,000 girls by June 30, 2010.

Let’s show the world that Atlanta means business when it comes to building the character of our girls!

We will keep you posted as we climb to our 10,000 registered users.

You may also purchase your one year subscription for our introductory rate of only $15.00.  It’s a great gift for any girl.

Looking forward to helping your daughter achieve higher, higher and higher…

Make sure you are registered with us at www.atlantagirlmagazine.com

to receive AG’s Daily Goodsip.  You don’t want to miss a thing!

Atlanta Girl Expo coming July…register today at www.atlantagirlmagazine.com.


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