Janice Kent Audition Technique Intensive

Janice Kent Audition Technique Intensive
Please note this workshop has changed dates as Janice is currently filming a pilot in Los Angeles.

How to make bold “hot” choices
Eliminating Self Sabotage
How to make the most of your co-star/day player roles
Script analysis and character breakdown
Identifying your type
Audition technique coaching

“Auditions often occur in atmospheres that are not supportive or nurturing to the art of acting. I love helping actors identify their individuality and nurturing their growth while sharpening their competitive edge!” — Janice Kent
Who is Janice Kent?
Janice Kent has been a professional actress for over 30 years both in New York and in Los Angeles. She has appeared in countless Television and Film roles as well as many stage productions and over 150 television commercials. She is most recognized for her work in over 100 episodes of THE NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER as Maryellen Cleaver, Wally Cleaver’s (Tony Dow) wife. She also directed several episodes of that series.

She continues to act; most recently on CBS WITHOUT A TRACE and Robert Townsend’s new acclaimed webseries DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM. Additionally, Janice was a series regular on THE TED KNIGHT SHOW and she Guest Starred on many series including as FRASIER, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, ER, DESIGNING WOMEN, WHO’S THE BOSS, WITHOUT A TRACE, THREE’S COMPANY, WINGS, FANTASY ISLAND and many more.

Who are Janice’s students?

Currently Janice’s students are appearing as series regulars on television series and in films as well as soap operas. Student appearances include: Heroes (series regular), Desperate Housewives (series regular), The Office (series regular), Campus Ladies (series regular), Bold and Beautiful (series regular), True Blood (series regular), 90210 ( series regular), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Numb3rs, ER, Scrubs, CSI, Young and Restless, General Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Glory Road, Fair Game (new Sean Penn feature), etc. (partial list).

“Janice Kent has a wealth of experience. She really has demystified the audition process for me and has changed my whole way of interviewing”
– Michael Steger, series regular, 90210.

Janice’s Atlanta Class, April 30-May 2

As an LA Acting Coach and a Certified Life Coach, Janice has designed a very special weekend of learning for Atlanta actors.

Audition Technique plus Q and A Session, with introduction by Ken Feinberg, who has a special announcement for Atlanta actors
Open to the public ($50 Friday only)

SATURDAY May 1, 10am – 6pm
Audition Techniques
Audition Exercises
ONE ON ONE personal scene coaching

SUNDAY May 2, 10 am – 6pm
ONE ON ONE personal scene coaching
Co-Star/Day Player Auditioning
Career Counseling

This class is LIMITED to only 15 Students.

Audition Technique Intensive, 3 days (Save $75- ONLY $300 if enrolled by April 21) Friday night only, $50 ($25 discount if registered before April 21)
ENROLL TODAY- Creative Studios of Atlanta
Call 404-355-4588 or Email: CreativeStudiosofAtlanta@yahoo.com
Why Yet Another Acting Workshop?

I studied with Janice Kent privately for two weeks in Los Angeles in 2008 (and recently again through Skype). She was so fabulous and opened up my acting so much that I asked her to please come to Atlanta and help other actors here raise their talent levels. Janice has been a successful actress in L.A. for years, so she knows how an actor prepares. She comes from the inside out. In addition, she has an uncanny ability to get into the individual actor’s head and know exactly what it is that makes them tick, what holds them back, and what propels them forward. As an actor here, I plead with everyone to get in line to work with Janice. While many actors here are booking great roles, many more actors are not producing auditions that make L.A. directors and producers want to hire Atlanta talent. This hurts all of us. If we don’t work on our craft and produce in the room, the opportunities will dry up as L.A. decides to go elsewhere. And if you plan on taking any casting director workshops this year, Janice’s class will help prepare you for being in the room with those casting directors.

Janice does not simply teach an audition technique; she teaches you how to find the many nuances of the character, thus making your auditions come to life. I hope to see you there. –Jessica Leigh Smith, Atlanta Actor


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