“got monologue?” YOU WILL!!!

Milk builds strong bones— but your monologue builds a strong career.  Make sure yours has everything it needs, to fortify your successful acting career!

This day will change the way you handle monologues, from now on–

you will leave this class with a monologue that perfectly demonstrates how to cast  you

you will know exactly how to perform it, and let your real personality shine through

you will learn how to handle that dreaded first moment —  how do I start my monologue without it seeming “phony” or like it is coming “out of the blue”?

you will have a method for future monologues, that enables you to quickly and easily choose monologues that suit you, and learn them faster than you ever thought possible

you will have a method of working on monologues that keeps it real, and never getting stale or “canned”

most of all– you will have a monologue that makes you shine like the TV or Film star that you know you are!  And inspires Agents and Casting Directors to want to work with you.

 Actors at all levels — just starting out to seasoned pros — need a monologue that opens the doors for them.  Your success depends on you!  We can show you how to shine.

Sat March 27   10a-5p  ALL DAY INTENSIVE

REGISTER NOW–  CALL 770-649-5663    OR REGISTER ON LINE:  www.Blueprint4Hollywood.com        (Also a FaceBook group:  Blueprint4Hollywood)

Free parking at location:

8735 Dunwoody Place   (in North River Plaza)

Suite 4 (in the back)

Atlanta GA 30350

ACTING COACH: KRISTEN SHAW —-      IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0789831                      

Demo reel:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9K526W8LLg


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