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Teryl Jackson Photography presents: “Getting a HEADSHOT that gets you HIRED” Saturday Nov. 7th

The Alliance Theatre
10:30am – 11am
11:15am – 11:45am
1:15pm – 1:45pm
• What makes a good headshot?
• How should you prepare?
• What should you bring?
• What do agents need?
• What’s the process?
All these questions and more will be answered
in this informative FREE presentation!
Don’t miss it!


CASTING – Lipitor

Hey guys, we’re assisting with a casting for LIPITOR.  Please see below for information.  You do not need to be an actor, but you MUST meet all of the requirements to be considered.  If you meet the criteria please email a picture and a short description of your experience with Lipitor to

If you have already been seen for this or any previous LIPITOR casting please do not submit your materials.  Please also do not send submissions of partial matches for the requirement, only ALL the requirements – otherwise we’ll get a bunk of junk mail =)

AUDITIONS 10.26-30 and 11.2-3 in ATLANTA, GA


CONFLICT: Any pharmaceutical products, or other products or services, including food, drug, or dietary supplement, making therapeutic claims related to cardiovascular health.

PAYMENT/USAGE: (this pays very well, in case you aren’t familiar with the terms below)
Double scale for all TV sessions and reuse.
Interactive 3x scale to cover sessions and use for 1 year (STANDARD SAG PAYMENT).
PR-double scale session for up to 8 hours.
Print use and session: $2000 for 1 image 1 year North America unlimited, unrestricted print and worldwide electronic media.
Optional Additional Images: $1000 usage 2 years North America.


They do not need to be actors but can be!

Group #1 — Heart Attack/Cardiovascular Event

Male Caucasian Age: 50 – 65. Must currently be on Lipitor for at least 6 months. Patient cannot be taking any other cholesterol lowering medication at the same time as Lipitor. Patient must take prescribed dosage on a daily basis.

Group # 2 — High Cholesterol

Male  All ethnicities. Age: 50 – 65. Must currently be on Lipitor for at least 6 months. Cannot be taking any other cholesterol lowering medication at the same time as Lipitor
. Must take prescribed dosage on a daily basis

Chase Paris
Houghton Talent…the link between creative people
404.603.9454 x204


What do L.A. Producers/Directors Expect to See on our Audition Tapes?

we urge you to make this investment in your career. we’re confident you’ll see results!

Thursday, November 19
5pm-8pm: $50

“How working L.A. actors prep their scripts prior to auditions”

This session will offer actors general do’s and don’ts for auditioning. Crystal Carson will discuss how to approach script analysis prior to the audition as well as specific things to bring to the room — or avoid — during the audition. Some examples are: the importance of opening/closing beats, your character’s objective, when to memorize, when/how to pantomime, what not to ask casting directors, how to hold/use sides, etc. This short session will help all actors come across as professionally as the L.A. actors they are being compared to when auditioning for film/television.

To Register: email Places are confirmed upon receipt of checks. Location to be determined closer to date.


Woody Harrelson’s Fake Vegan Twinkies Star in Zombieland



Posted by Peter Feld on October 6, 2009 12:23 PM

Thanks to Woody Harrelson, star of last weekend’s US top-grossingZombieland, the world now knows vegan Twinkies. His new film’s plot revolves around the spongy cakes, which he spends munching as he looks for the last Twinkie on earth:
While Twinkie, by far, receives the most prominent brandcameo in the film—being totally integrated in the plot—in reality, Harrelson couldn’t eat the Hostess brand. Being a raw vegan, he had to have special Twinkie-like cakes made for him.
Zombieland may be a dangerous place, but it’s also a brand fiesta. Many products make appearances in the comedy-horror film, ranging from the AK-47 to Cadillac Escalade, and from Animal Crackers to Purell. (See the brandcameopage for brandchannel’s complete reference list of product placements in this and other top-grossing films.)
One well-known social media site also shows up, though it most likely didn’t pay for the mention. According to Jesse Eisenberg’s character Columbus, the best thing about Zombieland is: “No more Facebook status updates.”