The Voiceover Master Intensive for Established Talent/Marice Tobias





                                                 Marice Tobias




 “Better, Faster, Now”       

The Voiceover Master Intensive for Established Talent

    Focus: Promo/Trailer/Commercial/Narration


               New York: March 28th & 29th


  Agents, managers and producers told us:

    “Staying  in  the game means upping your game,

 being able to shift gears on a dime, nail the read with

      your own spin and know the current trends.”


            The more chips you have on the table,

              the more chances you have to win.


      Limit 12 participants: Industry referral required.

              New attendees: 775. Returning: 650*.

                      No host dinner Sat. night

            drinks & kumbaya (just kidding) Sunday evening


                 Private sessions available 3/20-3/27.


                             CHECK OR PAYPAL

              Payable: Tobias Entertainment Group

PO Box 15396, Beverly Hills, CA 90209

PAYPAL: tobiasent@tobiasent.com


We welcome

CEM: Creative Entertainment Management

our new marketing and business development team


Please call ASAP:  events book quickly


*in a calendar year

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