About Benjamin Kyle…

This is a legitimate story that was emailed to Houghton.  Unsolved Mysteries cannot do a story on it because there is no police report about this incident.  How it can be true that no report was done is beyond me but in any case, if you can email to your address book, or send to anyone you might know in influencial places or positions who might be able to help this man, that would be amazing.  Thank you in advance, Mystie 


In 2004, Mr. Kyle was found in Richmond Hill, Georgia (near Savannah, Georgia) naked, beaten, and covered in fire ant bites beside a dumpster at Burger King.  He has amnesia and does not know who he is.  There was also no identity found on him.  Mr. Kyle is a well spoken man of above-average intelligence and a professional demeanor.  It is theorized that he may have been traveling down I-95 on business before he was attacked. 


Even though he is in exceptionally good health, he cannot remember his name or where he comes from. He thinks he may have come from Indiana.  He adopted the psuedonym Benjamin Kyle until he finds out his real name.


Mr. Kyle recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show.  We are hoping to get him more TV appearances in the hopes that someone will recognize him. 


here is the link:  http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/1146/


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