Classes @ creative studios of atlanta

Fundamentals of Film Acting
Instructor: Vince Pisani
Dates: Thursday evenings through August 21
Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
Investment: $125

This fundamentals of acting in film course develops foundational skills for acting in film. Instructor/working actor Vince Pisani brings each student through the basics of relaxation, listening and reacting, script analysis, audition preparation/execution and on-camera technique.

Unlocking Your Emotional Tool Kit
Instructor: Tom Thon
Dates: Friday August 1, 7-11pm AND Saturday August 2, 9:30 a.m.-1:30pm.
Investment: $125 Limited to 10 students

Emotions are the key to any powerful and moving performance. This interactive course is designed for actors to understand the meaning and differences between emotions, feelings and behavior. Through the use of various acting tools, exercises and techniques you will learn to access emotions and discover behavior. Learn to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you. Find the key to your emotional tool kit in this gentle yet powerful course.

Master Acting Class: Audition and Performance:
Create more confidence in front of the camera with film director/casting director Ken Feinberg. Most actors make mistakes because they don’t know what to do when they walk into the casting room or on a film set. Gain the advantage of knowledge. This class emphasizes two important but different film acting skills: auditioning and on-camera performing. All classes are on-camera.

Instructor: Ken Feinberg
Dates: Tuesdays August 5-26
Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
Investment: $200
Only 2 spots left. Men needed.

Ongoing Acting for Film
Instructor: Vince Pisani
Dates: Ongoing, Monday evenings
Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
Investment: $99 per month

This ongoing class with Instructor/working actor Vince Pisani builds on the foundations developed in the beginner’s class. Vince instructs actors to develop consistency and strengthen their on-camera audition and performance skills. More advanced acting techniques in the areas of visualization, preparation and execution are also introduced. You will learn the power of self-evaluation, which gives you the ability to assess your own acting experiences and learn from your mistakes, as well as your triumphs.

Ken Feinberg
Creative Studios of Atlanta
500 Bishop Street, Suite F8
Atlanta, GA 30318

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